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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the planning and accomplishment of a journey:

How can I get the necessary details of an itinerary?

You can send us an email or phone us at either of the following: Phone: +39 348.2284168 Phone: +39 392.9636398

What shall I do in case of accident and regarding insurance for medical assistance?

Taking out medical insurance is not obligatory but a subjective choice. If you wish to do so you can take out insurance only for the duration of the journey.
Covers should include: medical assistance in the event of an accident, payment for medical services, return travel arrangements and costs. You can get information from your insurance company or submit your enquiry to us who already have suitable insurance cover for our journeys.

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How to choose accommodation and places to stay?

Also in this case the choice is subjective and will depend on your budget and the expectations you have about your journey.
Our advice on accommodation is just to choose safe, clean and comfortable places to stay such as small hotels, guesthouses, wooden bungalows and in some cases the camping tent. This could be a way to get you more into the mood of travelling far from the comforts of your home and modern facilities.
The level of accommodation may vary according to the standards available in the country you are visiting, time of the year and climate conditions. However all this aspects can be discussed when planning the tour.
As far as we are concerned we are not inclined to plan our trips ahead in fullest detail. Indeed, we prefer to leave some room for improvisation so as to be able to stay one day more in a place we particularly like or to slow down the journey in bad weather conditions. Our everyday life is already quite stressful and overscheduled!

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How to know if your motorcycle is suitable for the journey?

Let us say that all motorcycles are suitable for travel but motorcycles are not all the same.
Power, comfort and load capacity may make the difference on a long journey.
You can get in touch with us for information about how to improve life on your motorcycle and about inexpensive simple changes that can be made to meet any requirement of the trip.
All participants must ensure that their motorcycle is in good working order and before starting a journey they must carry out the following checks: oil, chains, gearwheels, pinions, tyres, electrical system and cooling system (if present).
As for speed, refuelling and rest stops we usually adapt to motorcycles with lower performance. However given the current speed limits, the average speed is within range of almost any motorcycle.

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Which is the ideal number of participants on the journey?

From personal experience we can tell that small groups of about six people are the ideal number, especially when the journey leaves some room for improvisation.
Five or six motorcycles will manage to maintain visual contact also when riding in traffic and will not have to stop at every crossroad or detour on the itinerary to wait for each other.
Furthermore in case of unplanned overnight stay it will be easier to find accommodation.
Small groups make it easier to deal with different personal habits and needs and to have better relationships with the people travelling together.

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What should I do before departure?

After so many trips we have realized that the journey already begins as soon as the idea of it is born.
Sometimes months ahead.
We greatly enjoy this first stage of planning and collecting information. To us developing a travel itinerary means to make appropriate travel arrangements, carefully but also evaluating the risk of overdoing the research (and getting uselessly frightened). In any case we always end up being unable to sleep with excitement as departure gets close.
There are always so many things to do when you take up travelling and if you are inexperienced travel arrangements may take much more time.
Looking for good road maps and books with useful information about the place you wish to travel to. Undertaking specific internet search. Making sure you have the correct travel documents you will need for your journey, including visa if required, and all the necessary paperwork to drive abroad (valid driving license, insurance certificate, green card). Making all necessary booking, i.e. of the ferry. Preparing your motorcycle and spending evenings in the garage to test new solutions and modifications. Selecting the right clothing for your trip, packing your luggage and all necessary items such as camping tent, sleeping bag, tent pegs, and gloves. There are so many things to arrange and to prepare before departure that are essential to making your trip successful and enjoyable.
Having somebody to share all this with will increase your excitement and the pleasure to be looking forward to your journey.

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What should I take as absolutely necessary?

It depends on the duration of the trip and consequently on the load capacity of the motorcycle.
Luckily underwear takes up little space and it is what you change more often considering that both the motor jacket and trousers remain the same throughout the whole journey.
You also need a travel personal hygiene kit, a waterproof suit (I recommend a two piece suit), a pair of jeans together with shoes and a sweatshirt for going out in the evening, a lock or chain to protect your motorcycle during the night, chain spray grease for final drive gear, a tyre repair and inflation kit, a travel first aid kit.
In case of reduced load capacity you might have to consider washing your clothes.

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What should I do for obtaining a visa or other documents?

In case of need for a visa to enter a country we usually apply to visa agencies. From personal experience we advise against going to the consulate in person to get the necessary documents as it will definitely cause a great waste of time and your irremediably running out of patience.
We remain at your disposal for information about the two agencies we have now been using for long.
No visa is required for the trips listed on this site. Identity card (valid for expatriation) or still better a passport is sufficient (in some countries passport is requested for payments by credit card).
Checks are also to be carried out to establish the validity of your Italian driving license when travelling abroad as rules and regulations on this matter are complicated.
And lastly the green card, which is issued by your insurance company without any extra charge.

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Which are the recommended clothes?

We would like to say a few words about the motorcycle clothing, a subject commonly underestimated.
You have to carefully consider the choice of your motorcycle clothing as you may have to be wearing jacket, trousers, boots and helmet for more than ten hours a day.
We have made a lot of wrong purchases over the years before getting to our final selection.
Speaking about travel clothing for long rides we suggest the following: jacket and trousers have to be impermeable and a good compromise between comfort and close fit; feeling the wind whip the clothes against your body for many hours a day may be very exhausting.
When choosing your clothing do not underestimate proper protection for elbows, forearms, knees, tibiae, shoulders and above all spine. These protections can be of great help in case you fall off.
If you are considering buying new pieces of clothing our suggestion is to choose clothes with removable liners. This solution will allow you to wear your clothing in different weather conditions.
Choosing which helmet to buy is the most difficult part. Also in this case we have made a lot of mistakes before learning that the saying “who pays more pays less” is truthful.
Helmets are basically divided into two categories: expensive and cheap.
We will not go into the reasons for buying cheap helmets, instead we will explain why paying for quality helmets is worth it.
Superior quality material, soundproofing, better fit, lightness and durability. A well maintained helmet can last for five years.
We have learned from our experience that a white helmet reduces the level of heat in summer and ensures greater visibility in the traffic than any other colour.
Also the shoes selection has been well experienced and after painful choices including aching feet,  boots have been our preference also in summer for many years now.
Because of the unevenness of the road the foot is particularly exposed to the risk of injury as it is close to the asphalt surface and the motorcycle metal. Consequently choose waterproof shoes with reinforcements on the most vulnerable points. Our last advice is about gloves. The choice is particularly personal as depending on the material and thickness you will be offered different degrees of feel for the controls. However if your motorcycle is equipped with hand guards you ought to choose thin gloves. Hand guards will sufficiently protect your hands from wind, rain and cold air.

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Do you have any further questions?

We are at your disposal for any further questions you may have. There are so many subjects surrounding motorcycles that we cannot cover them all within this website.
Therefore don’t hesitate to contact us for more information: Phone: +39 348.2284168

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