Should the season be unfavourable or the weather inclement and you cannot travel by motorcycle, you can always travel with the mind reading a good book, absorbing ideas and hints from authors who share your own passion.

Chiedi alla strada ("Ask the road"): a book by Roberto Parodi

Scheggia is going through a crisis.
He is on the wrong side of forty.
He had some success as a writer, has several projects, all a bit up in the air, although he failed to recover the relationship with his wife, and his son, Roy, has been going on his way.
His life feels like a dead end, and sometimes even his body sends worrying messages.
He never did really come to terms with himself and feels that the time to do so has come.
The place where to do it, however, cannot be his city, but it must be, once again, the road, or even the roads, in Africa, riding his motorcycle.
This time Scheggia is on his own, directed to Mali, with the vague goal to attend the legendary musical event of the Festival au Dèsert.
Actually, what he is looking for is an answer to his anxiety, the feeling of failure and the need to feel alive.
What will happen during the trip, including exceptional encounters adventures and misadventures, accidents and kidnappings, miles over miles, will change him forever. The road, in its own way, will answer him. And Scheggia, perhaps for the first time, will not run away anymore.

Motociclismo d'avventura ("Adventure motorcycling handbook"): a book by Chris Scott

For over twenty years the increasing number of motorcycle travelers moving in search of extreme, or simply unusual, destinations and itineraries, has nominated the Chris Scott’s guide an absolute reference text.
And in fact, this updated edition has everything to satisfy the needs of the true rider. The first part analyzes every aspect of the adventure, from the choice of the overland machine model best suited to different tastes, to the trip planning and the actual preparation (including the financial and bureaucratic aspects), then move on to the maintenance of the motorcycle and its equipment and end with all the advice you need to deal with the challenging as well as exciting life on the road.
The second part is a detailed guide to the most fantastic places and routes, divided by continents, with a special section devoted to the desert regions of the planet.
In short, if you're trying to resist the temptation to wear a helmet, start the engine and greet the world, this book will give you the push to give in, but then it will also help you to get home safe and sound and... ready for the next adventure.

Kentauros: a book by Ivan Battista

With a wise but also passionate storytelling, this is a two-faced volume:
On one hand, it makes a specific investigation on the complex relationship between man and motorcycle, on the other, it is a dip in the myth of the centaur made by a real Kentauros.
To all Kentauroi of both sexes, to those who still do not know it or do not have the courage to take such a difficult step that would bring, perhaps with great suffering, to their identification.

L’America in Vespa (“America on a Vespa”): a book by Giorgio Serafino

Everyone kept telling him to scrap that Vespa 50 Special '78 that for ten years has been lying in his garden, but Giorgio dreamed of restoring it and dye it orange with the number 1 painted on the side, like the General Lee, the car from the tv show The Duke of Hazzard.
He wanted to ride it on a trip with Julia, the woman of his life that would follow him to the end of the earth, along the legendary Route 66, one of the first American highways.
So, after a thousand vicissitudes for the restoration and then for the overseas shipping of the General in a huge iron case, Giorgio and Giulia ventured along the historic road from Chicago to Los Angeles through ten U.S. states.
The General Lee lives a second youth through breathtaking landscapes, ghost towns, along the Colorado River at dawn, along the hairpin bends of the Grand Canyon, dribbling snakes walking out from the desert, fleeing from tornados.
Mile after mile, Giorgio e Giulia engage in their adventure with dozens of typical characters of the deep American province: gruff but benevolent sheriffs, contemporary cowboys and Indians, managers of fast food and sleazy motels, Harley Davidson bikers who have never seen a Vespa and they fall in love with it immediately.
And when they finally get to Los Angeles there is some energy left for one last challenge: cross the Valley of Death.
Delightful report of a really low cost trip made by a couple that have chosen to be and not have.
Being first of all travelers knowing that what matters is not the destination, but the road.

Coast to coast al quadrato (“Squared coast to coast”): a book by Gianluca Calzolari

Who has never dreamed of emulating the adventures of Kerouac, father of the Beat literature, across the United States along the legendary Route 66?
Now we have the opportunity to do so, walking in the shoes of Gianluca Calzolari, "the aviator", riding his beloved Guzzi through an incredible journey, a breathtaking Coast to Coast from Houston to New York, passing from Los Angeles.
We will discover an unknown and memorable side of America, populated by Colt, Winchester, ghost towns, places in the middle of nowhere, dust, but also a lot of humanity...

In Vespa (“On a Vespa”): a book by Giorgio Bettinelli (1955-2008)

During a stay of eight months in an Indonesian village, Giorgio Bettinelli receives an old Vespa as a gift.
Until then, he had never driven a vehicle with two wheels.
It has been a stroke of lightning.
From that moment on, Bettinelli has continued to travel.
His "Vespa apprenticeship" includes Indonesia, Bali, Java and Sumatra.
After that, he decides to return to Italy and embark on a journey from Rome to Saigon.
He leaves at the end of July 1992.
He travels 24,000 km in seven months, a solo journey from Italy to Vietnam, passing through Istanbul, Tehran, the desert of Baluchistan, Calcutta, Rangoon, and Hanoi.
He crosses ten countries: Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Laos and finally gets to Vietnam.
From that adventure rises a book full of difficult roads, difficult people, the required efforts as well as the moments of unbridled freedom, unforgettable landscapes and equally memorable encounters on the road.
In the background, a wretched and opulent, tragic and hilarious Asia.
In the foreground, strong and gentle, his yet inseparable Vespa.

One man caravan: a book by Robert Edison Fulton Jr.

In 1932, twenty-three years old Robert Fulton, fresh out of college, announced at a dinner party his plans to travel around the world by motorcycle.
He wanted to impress a girl, but instead he stimulated the enthusiasm and the irrepressible admiration of another guest, a representative of the historic British motorcycles brand Douglas, who announced his willingness to provide the necessary for such endeavour.
Thus began the first motorcycle globe-trotting of which we have evidence.
Starting point London, final destination New York, passing through 22 countries from Europe, the Middle East and Asia, riding three and a half tons of rubber, steel and chrome, with a few clothes and a gun.
An adventure 18-months long in which Fulton lived a "two-cylinder Odyssey," the discovery of unknown worlds and cultures, in the grip of the turn of events and the unpredictable: the assaults of the Pashtun tribes on the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan, the imprisonment in a Turkish jails, many civil wars. But also the encounter with humankind,  that greeted and helped him in difficult times.

Se ti abbraccio non aver paura ("If I hug you, don’t be scared"): a book by  Fulvio Ervas

The verdict of a doctor has turned around the world.
Andrea's illness is like a hurricane, like seven typhoons.
Autism has taken prisoner him and Franco has become a Knight who fights for his son.
A knight who does not give up and continue to dream.
They have been traveled for years, chasing therapies: traditional, experimental, spiritual.
Now they leave for a different journey without neither a compass nor a destination.
Together, father and son, united in the suspended time. They cut America riding the motorcycle, they get lost in the Guatemala forest.
For three months, normality is abolished, and no one knows who is different. For three months Andrea teaches to his father how to surrender to life.
Andrea, who caresses crocodiles, embraces waiters and shamans.
And plants pieces of paper along the way, tender Hop-o'-My-Thumb, as he prepares their return home, while his father would travel forever.
If I hug you, don’t be scared is a great adventure, difficult and unpredictable. As much as Andrea is.

Come il vento a Capo Nord (“Like the wind at North Cape”): a book by Biagio Minnucci

For me, traveling is a reason for life.
Either on business or leisure trip, I’m constantly under the spell of the journey.
And not only for the charm of the exotic or the legendary that it evokes within the wonderful human imagination.
I just need not to have visited a place to feel the attraction for it.
One can therefore understand that the attractions are still many.
However, I was in so many places, I have visited many cities and countries, near or far, through all the continents.
From time to time, I travelled with all the different means of transport that a traveler requires: plane, train, car, bus, boat, bike (for very short paths) and of course the motorcycle.
It seems obvious to say that the means of transport is functional and often subordinated to the destination you may want, or you have to reach.
Yet, sometimes, we are spoiled for choice in terms of the more suitable vehicle that we can use to make a journey.
Yet, frequently, especially for leisure trips, I think about  the fact that, as linked to a series of suggestions, the means of transport becomes a fundamental part of the very idea of the trip.
In some cases I cannot think of any transfer without automatically associate it to the motorcycle.
And North Cape is one of those destinations.
For hyperbole, I can say that the motorcycle is the very idea of ​​a journey beyond the Arctic Circle...


“Inclinazioni di viaggio. Storie di moto e di centauri sulle Alpi” (“Travel inclinations. Stories of motorcycles and centaurs through the Alps”) a book by Gilberto Signifredi

This is a book born from the passion for the motorcycle and the mountain.

The author tells about it by retracing the faces, the landscapes and the adventures that have accompanied him in more than 400 mountain passes through the Alps: among the pages, are interwoven the stories of the friends of the motorcycle clubs Lunardi in Parma; those, intense and characterized by the spirit of the comrades, of the biker rallies, or those simply inspired, from time to time, by the road.

A colorful and charming gallery, full of emotions and poetry.


“L’enciclopedia imbecille della moto” (The imbecile motorcycle encyclopedia) a book by Michael Bidault

Being a "motard" is not for everyone.
This superbly illustrated encyclopedia will enable you to better understand the complicated world of motorized two-wheelers, their rituals, their language, their history.
Furthermore, thanks to the accuracy of its analysis and through sophisticated driving tips, this essential guide will teach you the thousand and one ways to get, quickly and effortlessly, to the ecstasy of creativity on the road, to experience, on your own skin, the surprising matter that is the asphalt, and finally, to touch, with your hands, back, and knees, all the little pleasures that can be discovered through a proper use of this mysterious and fascinating object: the motorcycle.


“Quel sorriso chiamato amicizia” (“That smile called friendship”) : a book by Gianni Reinaudo

Thanks to my way of being nomad, in a world in which being it means being discriminated,  I leave and I reach Mongolia with my inseparable partner and a motorcycle.
A round trip through the Russian roads to get into this world which seems 200 years away.
The sharp contrast between what we commonly call normal and what the Mongols define simple, is like a thunder in the heart with emotions at all times.
To go far away doesn’t mean just move, it means live!


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“Un pensiero lungo ventiquattromila chilometri” (“A thought twenty-four thousands kilometers long”) a book by Gianni Reinaudo

A trip on a motorcycle, a track traced out along the entire American continent, developing and framing each moment to make it unique and fixing it to the infinite world that the human mind gives us.
The extreme closeness with one's self, the separation of body and soul, described and materialized with the help of what could be described as a real venture.
Actually, this is simply life.
The continuous and permanent need to move, crossing places unknown to us, to meet smiles and looks of those who, never before and never after now, will have the opportunity to see my face again.
The absolute certainty to have received a sincere smile, without any ulterior motives.
Nothing motivates a traveler to challenge himself, more than an explosive inner force that cancels the doubts and uncertainties of the starts.
The unknown does not scare, but like a magnet attracts and there is no way to resist, sooner or later you have to surrender at the devastating call.
The immense joy of reaching a goal, after traveling 24,000 km by motorcycle, looking into the eyes of your partner and just say a few  words, one big goal: let set off again!
This is the spirit of the traveler.
This is the main theme of the text.
To leave, not just in order to arrive, but to dream, to see and experience.


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The Tao of Travel: a book by Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux celebrates fifty years spent on the streets all over the world with a collection of writings about the theme of travel, taken from texts on which he trained as a reader as well as a traveler.
The voices of Vladimir Nabokov, Samuel Johnson, Evelyn Waugh, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Bruce Chatwin, Ernest Hemingway, Graham Greene and many more are interwoven with the one of Theroux himself about topics such as the choice of traveling companions, the pleasure of travelling by train, the adaptability of man to unknown foods and the perverse attraction to inhospitable places.

The pieces chosen by Theroux represent a real journey through the history of literature and a confirmation of the simple but irrefutable truth expressed by Jack Kerouac: "The road is life."

“Il Tai e l'arte di girovagare in motocicletta” (Tai and the art of wonder by motorcycle) a book by Flavio Santi

Friuli is a land of great contradictions, it strictly drinks wine but eats at McDonald's, it exports to Russia and Japan, but often speaks Friulian to the point of having its own "Vichipedie furlane"; It is a succession of agony and ecstasy:  the idyll of rural small villages as well as the tragedy of an industrialized countryside, with vast monocultures of corn and vines; landscapes worthy of Tiepolo and increasing urban constructions.
Why peasant and folk Friuli no longer exists?
Or, better , it exists but is much more reduced.
Get on the motorcycle of Flavio Santi, discovering the most beautiful sunsets in Italy, through a land of former poverty, from Tai as the unit measurement of life to the mythology of the “bon e onest lavoradòr”, facing the most ruthless modernity: a saudade in horseradish sauce, a light-hearted melancholy.

"Sei come la mia moto: storie d'amore tra uomini e motociclette"
(You are just like my mororcycle: love stories between men and motorcycles)
Carlo Simonelli, Patrizia Rinaldi, Michele Carenini, Anna Bruni, Alberto Caputo, Mirko Sabatino, Andrea Coffami, Angelo Zabaglio.

Motorcyclists all look alike, but never say them this. Individualists, loners, brothers of the same lineage of ancient knights, riding on two wheels they cross this world, divided between heaven and asphalt, and nothing else exists.
The helmet and the riding suit are the helm and the armor to face the dragons: the trucks. Their women are lovers to hold in their arms, but only when their true love is sleeping in the garage.
Seven tales that stink of gasoline, written with the wind that blows on the face, to tell that maybe you will never travel the same way, because everytime, for a motorcyclist, even the moment of the ignition is unique.

"Il cuore a due cilindri" ("Two-cylinder heart"): a book by Roberto Parodi

This is a book about love.
The love I'm talking about is of a particular kind: the one towards the motorcycles. However, it is wrong to talk about it in this simplistic way since falling in love with a mechanical object, although it would be awfully fascinating, is not something that intelligent people do.
Maybe, the best definition is the love of what motorcycles are, or better yet, of what a motorcycle can make us feel like.
The motorcycle that gave me the inspiration to write this book is my Harley-Davidson, but don't worry: you will not find the usual bullshits about American highways, or the wind that blows on my face and stuff like that.
No, because the love I'm talking about is a feeling much more complex, something that is hidden in the deepest and unknown corners of our souls.
An emotion that goes beyond the brand and the engine of our motocycles, a feeling that was concealed there before something pushed us to become, or at least try to become, motorcyclists.
A strange and subversive feeling, always ready to jump out and take us by the throat, almost always at inconvenient times.


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Long riders: a book by Remo Bacchi

An extraordinary adventure "on the road" with the taste of the past.
The story of a dream that has materialized under the wheels of a motorcycle, in a long and exciting ride.
Three journeys, each a month long, in quick succession, that, mile after mile, led the players  travel far and wide across North America, in order to discover in person the most curious, hidden and fascinating features of this country.
The author, a veteran rider, tells, with a writing that flows smoothly as well as with the help of beautiful pictures, the little secrets to make the realization of a great motorcycle trip overseas within range of everyone.


"Col cuore in moto" (With the heart on the motorcycle) : a book by Roberto Nobile

At a certain point I began to look at the motorcycles, not one in particular, or just a few, but all of them.
In my opinion, it was about sexuality, some kind of transference ... I was precocious and for this reason I was more shy, I did not have the courage to look at women as the desire would have liked; I was afraid to be blamed, humiliated.
On the contrary, the motorcycles let themselves be admired in all their details, naked or dressed, from the  valve cap to the odometer, from the gear lever to the the spark plug, they let them touch from my gentle hand on their curves, on their wrinkles.


Once while travelling: a book by Toni and Maureen Wheeler

1970: he and she meets on a bench in Regent's Park. They are little more and not less than twenty years old. They like each other and decide to stay together.
To travel together.
To cross Asia along the "hippy highway" and get to Australia.
They reach the goal with 27 cents in their pockets and then decide to write a little guide for the many who don't know the trans-asian route, but would love to know how it is.
No-one wants to publish it, so they print it, bind it and sell it by themselves.
Then make a second trip and write a second guide.
Then another trip and another guide.
In 1984 they reached the first million dollars in sales.
Today, Tony and Maureen Wheeler are the owners of the publishing empire that "dominates" the field. They're still together. They still travel the world together.
And together, they tell their wonderful lifelong adventure through the "lonely planet".

"Italia-Giappone e ritorno" (Italy-Japan and return): a book by Marcello Anglana.

This journey has taught me so much.
It has taught me to be flexible in the preparation, to change my plans according to circumstances,  adjusting to the events.
After the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, I shortened my stay in Japan, but doing so, I chose to spend that week in Korea, and I discovered an interesting country, almost unexpected.
The road accident in Siberia was a crucial moment of the journey.
It might have demoralized me, induced me to give up and go home.
I think that one of the best moments was when I heard the motorcycle engine roared after the accident and its wheels clung on the muddy ground in anger, to take me back on the road, to help me understand that it could still be done.
I have learned how not to lose the heart, not to give up, never.
Even situations that seem more difficult, without any hope, can be overcome.
Then again the beauty of the wide Siberian expanses and the Far East novelties, states, peoples, territories, so far as they differ from ours.
Korea and Japan, almost another world. Finally, the "human factor".
Such journeys are not only about places but also about people.
There are interesting places, history, art, but, what strikes you most is the people and above all, its variety.
Because running on a motorcycle is different. On a motorcycle is more beautiful.

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Journey to the western edge: a book by Maurizio Crema

Following his greedy desire for knowledge, Maurizio Crema, maybe unconsciously, wanted to do an experiment: going to Albania without any frills. He wanted to avoid the comfort and to be among the Albanians in order to blend in with them.
He mounted on a wrecked motorcycle, which, as a matter of fact broke down, so he got a makeshift one before finally used public transports. This way, he achieves the dream that, without using too much emphasis, can be considered as the dream of a generation.
He carries the memory of too short nights and endless journeys for himself, while he let the reader imagines of a Far East in which the doors of a saloon could open unexpectedly with a gun fighter who calls the challenge, where you could mount a horse (or the horsepower of yours motorcycle engine) and cook on a spit in a camp.


Wanderer days: a book by Sergio Freschi

Travel Notes. Sergio left with his Moto Guzzi 850T5 after a meticulous preparation, after have studied languages, combed through books and guides, designed every detail, predicted every possible unpredictable event and after have loaded his trusty mean with everything that could be useful ... Sergio is a keen observer, he orients himself in the world like no other, he has a compass instead of the heart, he can find you .... always.
But Sergio is an actual voyager and he knows his journey has already started, it has started in his head, among his friends, in the tires of his motorcycle going around and loading of good wishes. He knows that this journey will change him, he knows that the one who left won’t be the same who will be back.
What he doesn’t know is where and what will change. This is the story of that change. He gives us the listening and the surprise, as well as his emotions and the explosion of this paper which doesn’t left behind even a word.


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance a book by Robert M. Pirsig

A great adventure, riding an imaginary motorcycle with the mind through a varied vision of America on the road, from Minnesota to the Pacific, a clear, tortuous journey of initiation.
What is the difference between those who travel by motorcycles knowing how it works, and those who don’t?
To what extent do you care about the maintenance of your motorcycle?
While he looks at brilliant blue grass with flax flowers, in the mind of the narrator a response comes up: "The Buddha, the Divine dwells in the circuit of a computer or in the transmission gears of a motorcycle with the same ease that on top of a mountain or in the petals of a flower. " This thought is the tiny lever that will trigger other impending questions: how technology is born?
Why does it cause hate? Is it because to escape from it is an illusion?
Why do we can’t live without it?


Hell's Angel: A book by Sonny Barger

Everything people are supposed to know about Hamc (Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club) came from Hollywood B-movies, tabloid revelations and disclosures of those who say "I’ve been there."
Up to now, the history of this unique American subculture and the wild and dangerous life of the Hell's Angel par excellence, Ralph "Sonny" Barger, had never been told with such honesty and clearness, in an open and “straight from the source” way.
From these pages It can also be learned how the HAMC revolutionized the look of the Harlye-Davidson, and how it came to build a real international motorcycle community, the milestone for those who, all around the world, have been following an ideal of freedom.

101 itineraries to be done by motorcycle: A book by Davide Malesi

Travelling on two wheels: a passion and a lifestyle.
Italy, with its valley streets, its coastal routes, paths through forests and city streets, is a suitable track for the fans of motorcycling.
You can find yourself in a sparkling autumn on the shores of the lake of Varese, follow the road from the woods of Tivoli to the splendid residence of the emperor Adriano, exploring, by enjoying the lack of traffic jams, the almost invisible boundaries of Purfina, which used to be the refinery of the Eternal City, hop across the Nuragic Sardinia or ride along the route of the Targa Florio.
Davide Malesi, at the pace of the wheels that run on the asphalt, offers 101 routes, known and unusual as well as urban and far from the city walls, and tells us about ancient and modern stories and characters.
Trails suitable for experienced riders, but also for beginners on two wheels who wish to explore, by enjoying the pure driving pleasure, the attractive places and the stunning landscapes of our country.

Freedom: a book by Sonny Barger

A young country has young legends.
The United States daily creates its own mythology and one of the best places in this Hall of Fame made up of stars and stripes it’s been awarded by Sonny Barger. A few men are as deeply American as Barger is.
A veteran who loves his country, independent to the point of choosing a dangerous life on two wheels, strict and brave critic of the injustices of the system, though it often cost him dear. Barger has built his legend on the road, where he has cultivated, without any break, the blooming plant of freedom.
In Freedom, he has put together the pieces of his experience making a sort of handbook for “asphalt warriors”, an ode to life without compromises and without masters. Although it has always been regarded as a revolutionary, a criminal or an outlaw, Barger has tried, over the years, to get an education, working to improve wherever he was: from the military jails to the dusty roads hit with the Hell's Angels.
Independence, peculiarity, strength and kindness, these are the qualities that he has developed and he appreciates in other people. A book as fast as a ride made by Barger with his motorcycle, it is as deep as the signs that he wears, scars that life has demanded in return for the greatest gift: freedom.

Controsole: a book by Roberto Parodi

A father who left behind the certainties of his daily routine, as well as the loved ones, in order to pursue his dream of a different life.
A teenage son locked in his world. They get together on a motorcycle, to face a problem which is, perhaps, on the other side of the earth.
The boy wants to do something concrete for the first time, while his father wants to piece together the relationship with that elusive child.
They drive for 10,000 kilometres, on an old Harley that knows the roads of the world, across one border after the other, one landscape and one people after another, from Italy to India via Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan.
And mile after mile they talk, they meet again, they get closer and learn to love each other again...


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Middle East: the Forbidden Land. A book by Marcello Anglana

Some journeys arise just by chance, but then they assume a more meaningful reason.
I’ve decided that I want to get to Middle East: the first problem is Libya.
Once overcame the difficulties to get a visa and the mandatory guide, Libya blocked visas for all European citizens and therefore I can’t go to Egypt, as I had planned.
I’ve got to elaborate an alternative route.
I won’t reach Egypt passing from the west side (Libya), but from the East (Jordan), coming from Turkey and Syria, then I'll come back, as planned, through these states, besides Israel and Lebanon.
12,000 kilometres in 22 days, 12 states, 24 borders.
All by land.
This unexpected event have increased my determination to make this journey, rather I feel that it has been giving it a greater meaning: now it turns into a journey through the "Forbidden Land".
In fact, in the route from Egypt to Turkey, I will go also to Israel.
Yet the biggest problem of the journey is Israel, or rather, the problem is Syria.
As a matter of fact, the two countries are still formally at war...


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World Tour by motorcycle: a book by Marco Deambrogio

Marco Deambrogio has a consuming and total passion: going away, to see what lies beyond the next bend.
He said he's not an extreme traveller, but by looking at his ventures, it is hard to believe it: from New Guinea to the Amazon rainforest, reaching the North Pole with a Russian expedition.
Perhaps, all this has born when he was a boy and used to read novels by Salgari, Stevenson and London, or perhaps when he experienced the first escape on a motorcycle through the Po Valley, dreaming to speed toward Beijing.
Then in 1996, the flights of fancy were replaced by miles eaten up with all means: on foot, by car, by ski and finally, by motorcycle…


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Destination Road: a book by Marcello Anglana

I approached the motorcycle late, when I was 31. As a boy I hadn’t even used the scooter: I went to school by bike.
Then, as an adult, I decided to try the motorcycle: I started with the Honda XL 125 of my brother and I remember the terror, the first few times, when having to change gears and keep control of the motorcycle (that certainly wasn’t such a “powerful monster” ).
After a few days I was already confident on the saddle and after a week I was looking at the dealer for a motorcycle for myself.
I bought a Suzuki GN 250, a simple single-cylinder vaguely custom, the only motorcycle within 7.000.000 Lire (in 1994 there was not Euro yet) which was my budget limit.
I equipped it with a top box and soft sided bags, and I began to travel a little in Italy, a few trips to Greece and Switzerland, but soon I realized that I wanted a "long range" motorcycle, something that would allow me to travel without limits...


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Dreaming of Jupiter

In 2001 Ted Simon, at the age of 69, retraced the same route through forty-eight countries, this time on a BMW R80 GS, surviving miraculously two serious accidents.
In two and a half years, he revisited the same places and rediscovered the spiritual beauty of traveling solo, he met again the old friends and he finally found the love of a lifetime.

Dreaming of Jupiter  is a travel book, full of action and hazard,  that can be read as an adventure novel: every reader will discover that if the the desire for freedom it’s real, it will lead us to face the unknown without fear, to overcome the obstacles and achieve our goal.
Ted Simon seems to say that you can get everywhere, as long as you take courage to challenge your attitudes, even at seventy years old.
Because you’re never too old to dream the impossible.
Have a good trip.

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Let's ride... Sonny Barger's guide to motorcycling

A book by Ralph "Sonny" Barger with Darwin Holstrom.
From the choice of the motorcycle model to the refinement of the riding techniques, from the anatomy of the vehicle to the evaluation of second-hand motorbikes, this book is a guide dedicated to the noble art of motorcycling.
An issue about "motorcycle wisdom" written by the most famous rider in the world and dedicated to his brothers, the veterans of the motorcyrcle, and for those are approaching it for the first time, in order to help them survive the dangers of their passion.

Jupiter's travels

Ted Simon started out on his journey on 6th October 1973, riding a 500 cc Triumph Tiger 100 motorcycle. He has travelled on his own for four years through 45 countries, from one end of the planet to another.
He crossed deserts, mountains, oceans and jungles; he passed safely through the war between Egypt and Israel, the revolution in Mozambique and Peru, the Afghan snipers fire and the prisons in Brazil.
He fell down but got up hundreds of times, thanks to his fortitude and to the encounter with extraordinary men.

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An ebook by Claudio Giovenzana, a journey made up of kilometers , but above all of many thoughts.
A downloadable volume, a new way of reading and admiring a book for us fellow riders: nice layout, good graphics and instinctive photos.
So many thoughts, so many questions, in which we will each come up thinking about all journeys that have never started in our lives. For more information:
Dott. Claudio Giovenzana
Photographer  Natgeoadventure

"In a sunburden country"

“In a sunburned country “a book by Bill Bryson that talks about roads.
Although not specifically dedicated to the two wheels, it has fascinating descriptions of feels and places.

Non correre... Pensa alla moto!

A book by Gabriele Fragasso,cardiologist and Head of Heart Failure Unit of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.
A brilliant and funny manual, full of tips for every situation. An handbook dedicated to beginners, it also provide a series of tips about how to behave on the road and especially about things to avoid and to be aware of.

Corri fiero. Vivi libero

A book by Ralph "Sonny" Barger with Keith and Kent Zimmerman. 
A collection of short stories about motorcyclists. It includes serious, funny and sad stories. Some of them celebrate life, others are about the grief over death.
Some are about famous people and others about absolutely unknown motorcyclists.

Fino in Mongolia! (Up to Mongolia): a book by Marcello Anglana

A beautiful story by Marcello Anglana, that has to be read in one swallow, with excellent descriptions that will make you understand the nature of the journey.
Could it be possible to cross the largest continent, Asia, for 25,000 miles and 40 days, riding on roads which are frequently in bad conditions, a road motorbike aged 11 years with 600,000 km under the wheels?
Alone, without any assistance, with just one set of tires, arriving up to Mongolia?.....

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Lois on the Loose: a book by Lois Pryce

This is a travelogue about the journey that Lois, British BBC journalist, has taken over six months from the far north of the American continent, Alaska, to the southernmost point, the Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia.
This story is about the passion for the motorcycle, as well as a statement of independence and bravery, the declaration of the ability to give themselves an achievement and to be able to fulfill it.

Scheggia (Splinter): a book by Roberto Parodi

A celebration of friendship and freedom on two wheels.
An unforgettable adventure on the road.
Three friends in Milan, Scheggia, Accio and Ragno, meet up again at their beloved friend Fedro’s funeral, who died in a strange accident while he was in Africa, alone, on a motorcycle...

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Perugia Pechino in motorino (Perugia-Beijing by scooter): a book by Alessandro Bacci

This book tells about the journey undertaken by two fireman, Alessandro Bacci and Emanuele Cruciani.
Leaving from Perugia on 14th May 2005, on the saddle of two 50cc Piaggio Liberty, toward Beijing.
An adventure through Eastern Europe, Siberia and Mongolia, moving deep into the Gobi desert, and then down to Beijing, where they arrived on 10th June, after they had covered more than 14,000 km.

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L'importante è partire (the main thing is to leave): a book by Alessandro Bacci

How many times have we dreamed about leaving? In most of the cases they were just thoughts. Assailed by doubts and daily problems that hold the need to load the motobike and leave. Alexander didn’t pay head  to negative thoughts, and he just left. As new drivers, he had never travelled before, least of all on a motorcycle.
A solitary adventure throughout Turkey, the door of the East: without any experience the road will be an excellent teacher.
This story doesn’t tell us of a long haul but it’s about a journey for everyone, a simple story like riders are...

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Terra Santa (Holy Land): a book by Alessandro Bacci

A journey where the motorcycle represent, at the same time, a means of transport, a passion, as well as an adventure to discover new lands, an opportunity to know new people stories.
Alessandro leave once again in order to complete his journey and fulfill another dream: to reach the Holy Land...

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