Dear fellow riders, how many times have we wished a GPS that, besides “the quickest direction” or “the faster route”, would advise us on “the most beautiful route” to go?
Otherwise, how many times, in the middle of our itinerary, we have decided not to take an unknown detour that comes across, just because of the laziness, or the fear to find ourselves in the middle of a dirt path forgotten by men?

The most beautiful italian motorcyrcle routes comes up with this philosophy: to combine all the routes of our beautiful peninsula, which have in common the pleasure of riding on two wheels.
It doesn’t matter if we are driving a German Sport-Tourer for nearly 300 kilograms, or the latest Japanese SBK Replica, two wheels are always two wheels!

First of all, the selection criteria of the routes takes into account roads maintenance and conditions, in the perspective of the pleasure of driving on two wheels.

Secondly, the landscape value: this become overriding when there are routes of exceptional natural and environmental features, such as the Stelvio Pass, or the Gavia Pass.
Itineraries are structured in well-defined stages, in order to allow you to insert these steps into your GPS device (for those who would use it) so that you could actually follow the desired route

Last but not least, for those who want everything done, there’s a number of proposals, which are continuously updated, on motorcycle routes and complex itineraries (from  2 or 3 days in the saddle) that connect the best routes to various locations in Italy.

Have fun to everyone,on our magnificent two wheels!

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Destination road

Hi, I'm Marcello Anglana and my biggest passion is riding my motorcycle.
I collect my travel experiences on my website in order to share my passion with other riders and with anyone who can be interested.
My motto is "Destination road", because I’m not really focused on «where I'm going», but on «how do I get there»; by motorcycle, of course, but this is not enough.
I want to get there, as long as I can, with my own strength, riding meter after meter the whole way from home to the final destination, and return; because the most interesting part of a trip is not the point of departure or the point of arrival, but all things in between.
I am a solo traveler. In my opinion it’s better to travel on my own: it’s quieter and faster. And I travel fast: not meaning the top speed (roads are too dangerous to do certain things), but the daily averages.
But this is not just about driving: during my journey I usually do visit countries especially by getting in touch with local people; Furthermore, everything needs a certain rhythm, otherwise the time is not enough and I don’t even think about giving up a trip just because the destination is far and the time is short (like some people think). It’s only necessary to get organized and have passion.
I try to avoid going twice in the same place: the world is big and I will never visit it all, why should I would come back to a place where I’ve already been to ?
I’ve been in 63 States by motorcycle: I’ve travelled through the whole Europe except for one state (try to guess what is it?), part of North Africa, halfway through Asia.
On my website I talk about my main travel stories: from the first one in Europe, to the last one in Japan. Journals, maps, tips and thousands of photos. Because, as I mentioned, I'm a solo traveler, but I like to share things about my trips on my website, as well as writing books and creating DVDs.
I hope to convey, throught my writing and photos, the same feelings I feel when I travel by my motorcycle.

Waiting for you on my website:

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Marcello Anglana
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Alex's Iceland

Alex's Iceland is a website dedicated to Iceland, created in 1997 by Dr Alessandro Tamburini.
Alex is a geologist and a motorcyclist and is madly in love with this island. Actually, he has travelled all through it and he carries every place in his heart.
He has been involved in many events as promoter as well as guest; he has written several articles and publications and he has been invited to partecipate to the italian popular tv show "Alle falde del Kilimangiaro – Special on Iceland", presented by Licia Colò.
Besides organizing and managing all the schedulings, he also enjoys accompanying group tours.
After some time, he has turned this great passion into a job and EXODUS TOUR OPERATOR has being founded. Specialized in nature tourism, its philosophy combines attention to details and beauty of the destinations. It’s not an accident that it is a member of a network that delivers quality-controlled tourism services.

EXODUS Tour Operator - travel in the nature!
Corso XI Settembre, 200 - 61121 Pesaro - Italy
Tel: +39 0721.30318
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24 Hour Emergency Line: +39 334.2024843
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Alessandro Bacci

Alessandro Bacci, born in Perugia in 1972, is a fireman and has a big passion: riding the motorcycle.
The motorcycle, a special and flexible way to discover places and meet people.
The way Alessandro travels, is far from placing flags on a map in oder to say "I’ve been there".
Alessandro turns his desire for discovery, knowledge and encounters, that periodically occurs inside him, into street to keep under the wheels of his motorcycle, often by bringing with him the symbols of peace and friendship spent in service of others .
His motorcycle experience started in 2003 when, riding his Aprilia Caponord, he made his first solo trip to Turkey.
Ever since that moment he hasn’t stopped!
American coast to coast, Isle of Man, Perugia - North Cape, Perugia - Beijing, the Holy Land, or Perugia – Dakar, are just some of his extraordinary journeys during which he has collected special encounters, and he has brought home a long series of memories, thoughts and unique photographs.

Alessandro is a traveler who simply reach many different places and, despite his "real" home is thousands of miles away, on every trip his "home" becomes more and more closer to the world.

Alessandro is also a "narrator", and his style is simple, direct and involves enough to make us feel "really" present in the adventures of his books that he writes avoiding filters; this make his stories even more true and valuable for a reader that, just like him, dreams to travel, to know and to discover.
Such style, which leads the reader away and keeps alive the desire of discovery that dwells inside each of us, have been noticed by specialized magazines that have repeatedly asked him to write articles about his travels.

Thanks to his past experience in car racing, Alessandro works as a test pilot with various companies in the motorcycle industry such as Wunderlich, Arrow, Isotta, Motoinfinito.

Alessandro Bacci
Mobile: +39 338 7990999