Scheduled departures 2014

Dates and times are chosen in order to organize the journeys in the best climate conditions possible, with particular attention to the traffic issues as well.
Organizing a tour away from the predictable dates as well as during the bank holydays, usually allow travellers to find less chaos and significantly lower prices, all factors that contribute in facing the journey in a more relaxed way.

Corsica - from 21th to 26th April 2014 - Collaboration with Headbanger Brescia

Closing dates February 28th 2014
Typical journey for the beginning of springtime.
Our advice is to engage in this experience with the camping tent.
The wild nature of the island offers suggestive campsites along the seaside and very few hotel accommodations outside the main centres.
It is advisable not to undertake this itinerary during the months of July and August because of the hot temperatures and the large crowds of tourists.
Those who intend to travel in the northern part of the island should know that a lot of roads are traced along the side of cliffs overhanging the sea. We advise you to start the tour clockwise in order to drive on the way close to the mountain.
In the inner part of the island you should pay attention to animals roaming the roads such as wild pigs, goats, cows, wild boars.

Iceland - from 17th June to 5th July 2014

Closing dates February 28th 2014
That's another great journey.
It might be perfect to leave at the end of June and return after mid-July in order to experience the night sun and to have a better weather.
Iceland is an adventurous country, you are away from everything, travelling through glaciers, volcanoes and loneliness. This is a journey that can be done by most of the touring motorcycles, but with an enduro motorcycle you can have fun and relax more.

Departures on demand

In addition to the tour listed in the “Itineraries” and “Departures” sections of this website, below you can see a list of further suggestions, to give you the opportunity to choose the itinerary which you like the most.
You can also contact me in order to plan and arrange an itinerary that does not appear in this website, because the possibilities to choose a destination to reach by motorcycle are endless.

Chain of the Alps

Passing from France to Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, the route develops along the Alps.
The journey is about 280 kilometres long to be done in 10 days. Preferably to be scheduled during late spring or summer.

Great Britain and Scotland

A trip to Great Britain and to the wildest areas of Scotland: castles, historic towns and strong emotions.
This route is suitable for spring and summer, it takes two weeks to cover a path of about 3000 kilometres.


Combining the itinerary that crosses Thessaly and the Peloponnese, this route is about 2500 kilometres long, that can be done in 8 or 9 days. The lack of traffic in the Peloponnese and the simplicity of places and people, will keep you company for many days.
The Thessaly inland is just as beautiful, with wide valley and picturesque villages.
The high temperatures during the central months of the summer, force us to choose the late spring or the autumn to do this itinerary.

Piedmont mountains

Piedmont offers to the motorcycle lovers streets full of bends and dirt roads surrounded by amazing landscapes.
The route of about 230 kilometres start from Susa toward the Dora Riparia valley, riding on the road that get to the Jafferau Mountain. The best period, due to the amount of passes to overcome, starts from August to September and takes 2 days in order to quietly enjoy this impervious part of the Alp chains.

Col de tende

At the border with the Ligurian Alps, we can find the longest ridge road of the whole chain of the Alps. There are about 160 kilometres that start from Pigna passing by Col de tende.
One kilometre follows another between asphalt and dirt road, which bottom presents variable conditions: for this reason this route is suitable for those who want to try an off-tracks itinerary. The advisable period start from middle May to middle October, dedicating 2 days to this peculiar experience.


Surely, the 550 kilometres of this itinerary are not enough to know in-depth the biggest Italian island. This route starts from Palermo and arrives to Messina, including the main attraction of the island.
Archeological sites, the mountain, the coasts and the roads full of bends that run through the hills, the little villages in which enjoy the local specialities will surround this wonderful land, that thanks to the perfect weather allow to plan this trip during almost all the months of the year.
For this itinerary about a week is needed.